Do you have food service on site?
Al Sultan Restaurant is responsible for all food service at it’s facility. Al Sultan Restaurant has catering menus and can accommodate most requests.
Can we bring in an outside caterer or provide our own food?
There is no outside food or beverages allowed because it violates Al Sultan Restaurant food safety license. Al Sultan does allow specialized cakes or pastries that are specific to event.
Can we bring in outside vendors such as florist, DJ, Videographer. Photographer, etc?
Yes. All vendors are responsible for supplying all items relating to product or service they supply for the event.
Do you have a list of “preferred vendors?”
Yes, we have a list of “preferred vendors” These vendors have worked with us for years and have proven themselves to be reliable and dependable. Just ask your party planner what you’re looking for. Even though these vendors are recommended, we do not assume any responsibility in contacting the vendors or for any of their services provided.
What are your policies regarding alcohol?
Each area has it’s own privately stocked bar and Al Sultan provides bartender for event.
Can we provide our own bartender?
We do not allow outside bartenders or servers.
What is the most important thing to consider when booking?
Have a date or date(s) in mind. Catering and everything else is secondary to securing the desired date.
How many people does your sites comfortably hold?
Al Sultan reception will comfortably hold 285-300 for a dinner or seated reception.
How many hours will we be able to have the reception?
The typical rental time is 3-4 hours, but we are flexible.
When can we access the reception to decorate?
Your reception rental covers the “day of the event.” Access can typically be gained up to two hours before your event on the day of the event. If you feel that you need more time a fee may apply to reserve the reception. This detail can be discussed at the time of booking the venue.
When must we remove décor and other items from the event?
If the reception is being used for another event the following day the items must be removed after the event. If the reception is not being used we can make arrangements for you to come the following day. The venue is not responsible for any items left in the room before or after the event.
If the cake must be delivered early, what provisions should be made?
We do not encourage an extremely early delivery of cakes/special pastries to the facility due to the delicate nature of most cakes. If a cake is delivered early we cannot make provisions for the cake to be placed in a cooler due to limited space. Due to the risk of damage, venue staffing will not move a cake once it has been set in place. The venue and its staffing will not assume any responsibility for a cake/special pastries during or after delivery. The cake/special pastries is the full responsibility of the person providing the dessert and the client purchasing the cake.
What is included with the reception rental?
The reception rental fee includes the set up and your own private server/bartender throughout the duration of your event.
Can we provide our own linens?
Absolutely. However, the venue will not assume responsibility for lost or damaged linens.
Is a dance floor provided?
Al Sultan has a dance floor you can utilize.
Do you provide table décor?
We do not, but we do have a list of qualified vendors who can or you may bring in your own décor. Again, the venue does not assume any responsibility for lost or damaged items.
Do you have a sound system and how are the acoustics?
Al Sultan have a surround sound stereo system with Labtop, CD, MP3 and aux cable capability. A speaker and wired mic are also available.
Is there is changing area for a wedding party?
The venue is equipped with private dressing rooms.
Are the restrooms adequate to accommodate a large number of guests?
The venue has more then adequate restroom facilities.
What about Parking?
Al Sultan has parking available on both sides of the building with handicap access from both sides. Additional parking is available.
Is valet parking available?
We do not provide valet parking. You can provide that service but the venue will not assume responsibility for loss or damage caused by any company providing the service. Any hired service must provide proof of liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance.
Can we visit the venue when it is set up for another event?
It is possible for you to set up an appointment to view either venue when it is set up for a similar event. Call us at 1(450)688-4723 to set up an appointment.
What is the rental cost of your reception?
Special rates are available depending on the date and time of day.
Is a deposit required?
Yes. To make it a hassle free process we allow your rental cost of $250 to double and act as your initial deposit. A date is not confirmed until a deposit has been received. A week before your event (7 business days) 50% of your total bill is due.