Cooked on Charcoal

Our meats are cooked on charcoal to have the best taste.

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Traditionnal lebanese cuisine is delicate, and made with love and patience. The subtle flavors and sweet scents it contains will delight you and transport you to the Middle East.


Come taste our varied dishes. Lebanese cuisine is the one of the sun; it mixes the richness of its sea products and the one of the mediterranean land products. Very diverse, it is a cuisine full of flavors and colors. It is the reflection of the traditionnal Lebanese sens of hospitality and of the heritage of diverse influences that crossed Lebanon though millenia (greek, roman, ottoman, french...)



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Phone number: 1 (450) 688-4723
145 Curé-Labelle, Chomedy, Laval, H7V 2R7, CAN

Opening Time

  • Monday-Tuesday: Close
  • Wednesday-Thursday: 2PM - 9PM
  • Friday-Saturday: 5PM - 3AM
  • Sunday: 2PM - 9PM


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